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A Miracle, one that I have never seen happen before (with my own eyes). I will also talk about how I am spending my time, with radical obedience to God. In this blog, I will be giving an account of my current circumstances. It will be all the important things: money, friends, relationships and the highest priority, God.

Welcome reader! My name is Elijah, I decided to write about my time getting to know God more personally while, living out his commands as best as I can. This is 1 of a series of blogs about my time in YWAM, as a intern/student. There will be a multitude of things brought up here, it all will be decided by what God prompts me to bring up, or point out. My goal is to be as transparent as possible, while still bringing my new revelations and some convictions to the readers(you).

Right now, I am focused totally on what God is teaching. I am trying to find everything I can learn, from writers like C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jim Elliot, Loren Cunningham, A.W. Tozer, Francis Schaefer, Spurgeon and more. Each one of them being leaders in their own understanding of God, it would be arrogant of me to assume that I know more than they do, so I am spending a good deal of time reading each of their books(if you have any book recommendations I would love to hear them).

I am also learning how to share my faith in Christ. I get a chance to put that knowledge to the test at least once a week, where me and a group go and evangelize to downtown CDA. We normally encounter other Christians as we evangelize, meaning we get to pray for other Christians encourage them And! We get to challenge them on what they know about the Great Commission. That is where I find to have the most fruit.

In Coeur d’Alene I am interning at a Missions organization, its name is YWAM. It is has an international impact on the world. if you are interested, you can read about the founders here and their values here. I am interning at the YWAM North Idaho base, this base is unique to its core. It is focused on the unreached, those who have never heard. The statistics they use to validate their specific focus is from Joshua Project, and I personally use The Traveling Teams stats, both of them are depictions of what the world looks like. they are so dedicated to the unreached, that the whole team is moving to Southern Thailand(you can learn more here).

Not only am I learning how to defend and share my faith, I am also learning how to study the bible inductively( a really vital tool.) On top of that, I am learning the Thai language, with consistent study and also learning the alphabet, which I believe has 90 consonants, vowels and composite vowels. The Thai language is weird, they way they for questions is much different than how we do in English.

With studies, I don’t work.

I don’t have time to be working a normal 9-5 job. It would be possible to have one, however, if I did end up getting a job. I am confident that my sharing of the gospel would be hindered. also with how this short season in my life has been going, I am confident that I am not supposed to have a normal reliable Job right now. I don’t want to do this. I want a job, I want to be able to provide fully for myself. I want to have security in finances but I am reminded to rely solely on God.

With how my financial situation is set, I really must rely totally on God. I trust that God will provide for me. Of course that still means what work I do, I will be working as if it is to God. But, that doesn’t change how worrying it is to not know if I will run out of money at some point. knowing that God provided to Jesus, and Jesus told us to not worry. when I worried, I prayed to God. I did this multiple times, falling in line with God’s will. I made my request not knowing if I will continue to be an intern without proper funding.

Here is a recent story from my life that shows how God is faithful in every situation.

On the 20th of May, 2021.

It was a Thursday, which is normally the most busy day of the week. That day was much longer than the usual ones. I was helping take care of a few kids and rushed all over the place for random jobs I was getting done. Even with the busy day, it normally ends really well. I get to end the night with a worship a word and some fellowship. That night seemed to be getting better and better, the word allowed for some pretty in depth conversations during our groups after.

We ended the night in prayer, and as I was going to grab my coat. as I am walking I hear someone yell “Hey Eli!” I turn around and he continues saying “I was praying today and heard God tell me to bring this envelope to church. God told me to give it to who ever was sitting next to me, and God wants me to give this to you.” I was really confused, a little in doubt of the situation I put the envelope in my bible and started to converse before heading home. Once I got in the car, I opened the envelope and there was 11 $100 dollar bills. What?!?! I was literally just praying about this!

Needless to say, I was in shock. I have heard stories of this happening, but never thought I would experience it. In my shock I was totally in awe. earlier that Day, I decided to write about all the support I have Stating “I have an unreal amount of support; My parents, Friends, Church Friends, Grandparents and their friends. As I am sitting here, I realize how foolish it was for me to be worried about finances,…” I wrote this at 11:45 AM that morning.

With no knowledge of what was going to happen that night and I was in no way expecting God to do what he did. either way, it was a surreal experience. a answer to prayer because I had been praying for around 2 or 3 months for help financially!

“To continue to follow” this is where I find myself, I have no doubt that God has me where he wants me. Will my soul fall inline with his will, will my heart submit to God’s rule over me, or will I be disobedient? will I stand in the face of God and say no? I pray that my whole being is under God’s will.

I will constantly be asking myself if I am on track with what God wants me to do. As of right now, I feel fairly confident I am doing something right. To stay on track, I must bring the glory of any miracle and point it directly to God. I had nothing to do with this event, I was just along for the ride.

This is the first time that I have seen this happen, I have heard of it before, but really only stories. So that really means that God can do more good, than I can even comprehend. I could ask him to do every good thing I can think of, yet I would only be scratching the surface. I am nothing. God is everything. I am so happy to be able to be in a season of complete obedience, where even my rent and food is only provided if God does.


A story like this might seem unusual, I personally would assume it to be fake. I’m not going to argue for my own case, believe what you want. If there is anything you could get out of this, I hope it would be this, God will provide, even when you might have doubts.

I don’t think, I have quite comprehended what it means that I got that envelope yet. Once I understand it, I will let you know.

So, I guess that the best thing I can do is encourage you. God has an awesome plan for everything. I want to challenge you to submit to how God has called Christians to live. If you are a Christian you might know what that means, if not, leave a comment and I will respond and help anyway I can!

Also! for a future blog I will be posting about the unreached and why they should be our priority. I am very passionate about the unreached, so I look forward to explaining it well!

My New life!

More will come to explain the picture, but for now, just know that I am incredibly ready to go to Thailand. (my hand is the one on the top right)

If you would like to hear my testimony you can find it here. I will be creating more blogs soon so, stay tuned in!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow God is doing marvelous things in your life Elijah! Thanks for sharing. If He wants you to have a job along with your ministry He will bring the right one. Like Paul, being a tent maker, in no way hindered his ability to fulfill his Ministry. Your Grandpa Dave knows a lot about this. My daughter-in-law is learning as. UHC Thai language as she can at their Thai church. Her and my son, David, would love to go there some day. They love their Thai church snd the people are great! Keep up the good work!

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