Web Designer / Developer. Graphic Designer. Social media manager. Coffee and Tea Lover. Lizard and dog owner. Born in Seattle Wa, Raised in Priest River ID.

Introduction- Who is Kayla

       Who I am. Well I guess that depends on who you ask. To my 4 younger siblings, I’m the bossy one who always told them what to do, but the one they come to when they are worried/ scared or don’t know what to do. To my Father, I’m his little girl that is strongly independent and grew up to quickly. To my Mother I’m a friend, co-worker and confidant who will cross seas to make sure her family is takin care of. To my friends, I am a dependable listener who will always be there no matter the time. To my soon to be husband I am the bestfriend and supporter of his dreams. I don’t usually try and define myself by other peoples views of me, but for these people I make an exception.

       To the person who sees me in the world, I try to be the one with the smiling face and a willingness to help. I am the one with a notable feature of a lot of blonde hair and stands a bit taller than most. I try to put a barrier of safety around myself, one that is strong and maybe intimidating to the untrained eye, but a safe place to those who need it. I try to project strength, for more than just myself. 

      What do I mean by being Raised Different you may ask? In todays world we see a lot of scared, worried, angry and sad people. I am not one of those people. yeah I worry about money from time to time, and I have worried about my personal safety at times. But I am not a scared, worried, angry or sad person. Why? Well because I was raised different. 

     Join me on my mission to explain how to get through the crazy, sad, frustrating and just sometimes annoying world we live in, and how our childhood shapes us to be who we are today. How to make positive changes and how it’s not all going to happen in one day, but over a lifetime. 

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Coffee Makes the world go round. Especially Mine.

    It is an easy thing to say “I Love Coffee” Or Tea or smoothies, or whatever your drink of morning energy is. So come Explore with me new flavors, smells and companies that sell new types of our favorite drinks! 

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