The Great Oneness of our Body

Feeding my Body

I would Like to talk about the body of Christ. Firmly basing my focus from the bible and hopefully I will be able to articulate how awesome it is that God would use each one of us creatively to change the world. These blogs are only a small portion of things I have been graced […]

God’s loving Heart for the Nations through Us


My heart is to reach Thailand, I want the churches there to overflow with the praise of our one true king. In my time spent focused on Jesus, and making him the center, I will show you how I have changed and a challenge for the reader. In summary, I want you to understand why […]

This Beautiful light of mine!

Before we start, I thought you might like this Photo bomb by P.Gain When God calls us, he says we are given a light, and that we shouldn’t hide the things we have been given but to scream them on the rooftops. He says that we become the light. Matthew 5:14-16 talks specifically to a […]

A New Update To Outreach 2021-2022

My close Body

In this outreach update, I wanted to write about what has changed in my own life since going over seas and then what has happened in coming back to America. So, this post will be devoted to that. I have other posts coming out in the next few weeks after this one focused on what […]

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