Thailand Outreach

“All men are equally lost, but not all men are equally needy.” Dr. Ralph Winters Like the medical term “triage” there are some in our world who’s spiritual and physical needs are greater than others. I feel an obligation to go to those who are in the highest need. I am pursuing this idea for […]

1 Recent Miracle, 1 New life

A Miracle, one that I have never seen happen before (with my own eyes). I will also talk about how I am spending my time, with radical obedience to God. In this blog, I will be giving an account of my current circumstances. It will be all the important things: money, friends, relationships and the […]

A Start and a Purpose.

In this blog I will give an introduction to my blog and my testimony. The purpose of this blog is to put a few things that I have experienced into words, so that I can share what I have learned (discovered by God’s grace really.) It might seem that I am blowing up my own […]

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