Hope Despite Circumstances Part 3 of 3

Becoming a full-time unemployed person has its’ challenges. First, it is incredibly boring. Without demands on your time and efforts, you sort of morph into a shell of yourself. For the first few years of doing just that, I found myself struggling with the most basic things. Why bother shaving, getting dressed all the way, […]

Hope Despite Circumstances Part 2 of more

You’d think a high school flunky would be your last choice for IT, but apparently everyone was amazed that I could fix their computers and I was given a fair amount of undeserved respect. I liked that quite a bit, and I found these computer thingies rather convenient. It was the 80’s, and computers were […]

Hope despite circumstances Part 1 of more

I’m going to be completely honest with you. Things were looking pretty awful there for awhile, but frankly I’ve stupidly stumbled upon something everyone else in the known universe is thinking is blindingly obvious- in hope despite circumstances – part 1 of more

All in (w/ caveats)

Prior to the wholly unnecessary and quite draconian lockdown it became abundantly clear that the seemingly invincible free market system which is the backbone of our free society, was anything but. Toilet paper? It never occurred to me to consider it a luxury, but apparently it is. I’ve traveled a fair bit, but it really […]

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