Lettuce starts - refills


Lettuce seedlings


Customize your lettuce 6 pack


Choose your lettuce 6 pack.

We wanted to provide a way for you to customize your salads!

Grow your own food. Starting small and learning the basics of fresh homegrown food. Our goal is to help you and your family have access to healthy home-grown food that nourishes you and you can depend on.

Pick 6 from our favorites

Kale – Darkibor

Arugula – Rocket

Sweet Crisp – Green

Sweet Crisp – Red

Butter – Green

Butter – Red

Oakleaf – Green

Oakleaf – Red

Incised – Green

Incised – Red



How it works

Order 6 of your favorite lettuce options, have new sprouts available for pickup or delivery.

Additional information

Pick 6

"Kale – Darkibor", "Arugula – Rocket", "Sweet Crisp – Green", "Sweet Crisp – Red", "Butter – Green", "Butter – Red", "Oakleaf – Green", "Oakleaf – Red", "Incised – Green", "Incised – Red"


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